Heightening Individuality with a Pocket Square in Dubai

Individuality is a touchy subject except when it comes to fashion. It is individuality that defines trends of fashion and sustains them. Personal suits with their pocket square in Dubai is a top trend in fashion circles. People get their pocket squares and bespoke suits from the suit tailors in Dubai. So, do you care to have your own suit custom-stitched? Get going to Dubai and have fun.

Pocket Square in Dubai - Royal Fashion Dubai

Individual Preferences in Garments

The trends in suits get exemplified because of the high degree of personalization. Even when there are more than eight ways to fold the pocket squares, buying your bespoke pocket square in Dubai is one of the peaks of personalized styling. Most of us will go with the Square Fold or the Presidential Fold. To do this, fold the pocket square along the width. A fold down the middle will do the trick. Now, fold it up from the bottom.

Making the One-Point Fold

The next is the One Point Fold Pocket Square. In this, we hold the pocket square by one of its corners. With one corner pointing to the top, we fold it up from the bottom to form a triangle. Now, tuck the two bottom corners inwards to overlap over each other. This is a popular style for the pocket square in Dubai and many top fashionable men use it.

Getting Bespoke Suits and the Two-Point Fold

To get bespoke suits go meet the suit tailors in Dubai, they are the best. The Two-Point Fold looks difficult but is manageable for most men. In this, again we hold up one corner of the pocket square so that one corner points up. Bring the bottom corner up so that the fold is not parallel to the middle median. This will make the bottom corner to stand separately from the top corner. You have two points. Now, tuck the other two bottom corners into each other.

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