Buying Bespoke Tailor made Cotton Formal Shirts for Men

If you are looking for cotton formal shirts for men, you can either buy it ready-made or get it bespoke tailor made. Shirts made by a tailor are preferable as they would fit you perfectly and be as per your requirements. If you are planning to get cotton formal shirts from a tailor, then there are certain things to keep in mind, so you get the best shirt.

Cotton Formal Shirts for Men - Royal Fashion Dubai

1) The first thing is to get your measurements taken correctly. When you go to the tailor make sure you are wearing your best shirt. This will help in taking the measurement correctly. Indicate if you are going to tuck the shirt in the pant or not, so the shirt length can be decided by the tailor.

2) You can either choose a perfect fit or get a shirt slightly larger. If your weight is variable and fluctuates, then it is better to choose a slightly larger shirt. This ensures that your shirt doesn’t become tight within a few months.

3) For cotton formal shirts for men, white and blue are the best colours. Grey is also a good colours. Solid colours are best for formal wear. If you need daily wear shirts, you can even choose darker colour shirts.

4) Striped shirts are a good option for formal wear. Two or three toned shirts that are white with stripes is the best option. Check patterns are not very formal but can be preferred for daily office wear.

5) Pocket placement is usually done to the left and only shirt pocket. Double cuffs are considered formal and are ideal for formal shirts.

When you buy bespoke tailor made shirts, make sure you keep the points listed in this article in mind. This will help you buy the best shirt that fits you perfectly and makes you look good.

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