Famous Fabric for Tailor-Made Suits Dubai

The bespoke suit has its benefits as you get an outfit that perfectly fits your body and you can get exactly what you want. Bespoke suits allow you to choose from different designs, colors, styles, and fabrics. There are plenty of fabric options available to choose from and if you are not aware of the type of fabrics, here is a complete guide of fabrics that you can choose for your tailor made suits Dubai:

Tailor Made Suits Dubai - Royal Fashion Dubai

• Wool

The best bespoke sits tailors use wool as a fabric rather than any other fabric for tailor made suits Dubai. Wool is a well-known fabric used in suits because of its soft appearance. Wool provides a cozy-looking texture and is resistant to wrinkles, stains, and also fire. The fabric also doesn’t have any breath ability issues.

• Linen

The customers can also choose lines as the fabric can be comfortably worn in the warm weather of Dubai. This fabric is breathable and has a smooth texture. It is perfect for the clients whose priority is not the texture.

• Worsted wool

Worsted wool is almost similar to the traditional wool but it is tailored in a distinct way that provides a unique feel and appearance to the fabric. Wool involves the natural fibers spinning whereas the worsted wool is combined to get rid of smaller fibers. This enhances the longevity of the fabric. Flannel and tweeds are made from worsted wool and are smoother and durable as compared to traditional wool.

• Cotton

Cotton is more affordable rather than linen and wool and is widely used as cotton shirt fabric. Cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable, so while wearing a cotton suit, you don’t feel weighed down. It is easier and simpler to care, you can brush it to keep pristine.

• Silk

Silk fabric can be regarded as a luxury fabric and it supports illustrious sheen and vibrant colors. This fabric is for a person who loves to grab attention, however, the cost can be very high. To minimize the silk suit cost, a huge percentage of worsted wool can be added into the silk.

Other fabrics are also available like cashmere, velvet, and polyester to design a bespoke suit. Take advice from your tailor, before choosing fabric for your bespoke suit.

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