3 Mistakes You may Make While Selecting Bespoke Shirts in Dubai

Bespoke fashion is the modern trend. Corporate culture of Dubai demands everyone to be in their best of fashion sense. Many experts from fashion industry offer a number of solutions whether you need tailor made suits in Dubai or looking for an elegant shirt for the next client meeting.

Tailor made suits in Dubai - Royal Fashion

But there are few mistakes that you may end up making with your new bespoke shirt. Let’s find out these errors as knowing about these will help you in finding the best shirt.


Suit and shirt need to be selected as per a recommended colour palate. You cannot wear a yellow shirt on a blue suit at a corporate meeting. The colour selection should be contrasting. While selecting bespoke shirts in Dubai you should consult with a tailor so that you find the best match for your suit and shirt.

Wrong cufflinks

While cufflinks are usually a part of the suit, the style and design also impact the appearance of shirt. Tailor made suits in Dubai need cufflinks so when choosing one make sure that it is not too flashy and has a subtle texture so that it doesn’t overshadow your shirt. Ideally, you should not select a cufflink that is too vibrant or big unless you can carry the look in a non-corporate scenario.

Not opting for multiple fitting sessions

Everyone should understand the importance of multiple fitting sessions. When getting bespoke shirts in Dubai, an expert tailor would call you for two or three fitting sessions. These sessions will give the tailor a clear idea about a shirt that will not look loose or out of the place on your body. Don’t ignore these sessions because it will also determine how your suit and pant will look on your body.

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